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OUCH!!!! Candidate's Own Words Can Backfire

(Denver, Colorado)

Okay I am in Denver. This city is buzzing with excitement. It's beautiful, sunny and 91 degrees.

In the weird quirk of the day, Sen. John McCain is now running an ad criticizing Sen. Barack Obama, for not picking Sen. Hillary Clinton as his running mate, even though she got 18 million primary votes.

Has something like this ever happened before, where the attack ad focuses NOT on the candidate selected, but on the one who was passed over? Weird!

Anyway, I've posted the ad McCain launched Saturday, where Joe Biden was highly critical of Obama in the debates, saying the young Illinois Senator was not ready to be President! Biden then goes on to praise McCain. OUCH!

Obama Drama is Over as Biden is VP Choice

Obama Biden1.jpg

(Danville, California)

As I predicted in this blog just days ago, Sen. Barack Obama has selected Delaware Senator Joe Biden to be his VP running mate. In the end it wasn’t much of a surprise. Word leaked last night to the major media outlets, although the much hyped text message to people’s cell phones never came about. I was officially notified by the Obama campaign at 1:59 a.m. Pacific time, by e-mail. By then, it was old news.
(And I was asleep!)

I had long suggested Obama pick Sen. Hillary Clinton, but Biden was clearly the second best option. Sen. Evan Bayh, Gov. Tim Kaine and Gov. Kathleen Sebelius were just too risky in 2008, and may not have even carried their own states. That’s a “Cardinal sin” in the world of politics; just ask John Edwards and Al Gore. Certainly, the Biden selection has its positives and negatives. So let’s take a look:

PLUSES: Biden should be able to avoid the Gore-Edwards faux pas by winning his home state of Delaware; Biden was born to a working-class, Catholic family in Pennsylvania, and may be able to help there, in what is turning out to be a toss-up state this year; his biggest plus is his 36 years in the Senate, with deep foreign policy and judicial experience. At 65, Biden is almost twenty years older than the rookie Obama and will offer the kind of deep experience that Dick Cheney gave George W. Bush.

MINUSES: Biden has had many career missteps, including a quick exit from the 1988 Presidential race, after he “lifted” quotes from a British lawmaker’s stump speech and added them to his own; he’s often been a “loose cannon” who shoots from the hip to the press, and that could send him “off message” with the Obama campaign. Biden has always prided himself in his independence, saying “I haven’t had a boss in 35 years.”; he is clearly much more liberal that Evan Bayh, so the Democrat’s ticket definitely leans left, and that may hurt appeal to the many independents and undecideds out there.

The big question may be how Hillary Clinton supporters react, especially female voters over age 45. Many have threatened to vote for McCain or not vote at all. Check out or Google “PUMAs in Denver” if you don’t believe me.

In any case, John McCain, it’s your turn now. Step up to the plate!

I arrive in Denver Sunday morning and will be there all week for the Democratic National Convention. Please tune in often and tell your friends about the all-new

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