Lafayette Bookstore Event is Sunday February 8th


(Lafayette, California)

Greetings blog fans! The next stop on our book tour is Sunday, February 8, 2009 at Lafayette Bookstore in Lafayette at 3569 Mount Diablo Boulevard.

Please join us from 3 to 5pm. We will have books, plus wine and cheese!

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Book Sales as Economic Stimulus Package

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Danville, California

Forget Congress! We launched our own economic stimulus package last night. It's called a book sale! It was our first official in-store book signing and talk at Rakestraw Books in Danville, California.

I am a big believer in the neighborhood bookstore. It is one of the cornerstones of literacy in our society. Michael Barnard owns Rakestraw Books and has been very supportive of the community through the Danville Area Chamber of Commerce and by fostering reading programs in local schools!

The event was wonderful. I took questions from a packed house concerning my travels on the Presidential campaign trail this past year. Afterward, people bought books, and I signed them.

It occurred to me that we were all doing what we could in our own small way to help stimulate the economy. Small businesses are the backbone of this country; and, when their communities come out and support them, they can thrive, even in the tough times we are in now.

Rakestraw has an amazing selection of books for young and old alike on a wide variety of topics. With Valentine's Day coming up, think about a book for that special person in your life.

Rakestraw Books is located at 409 Railroad Avenue in downtown Danville.

Sunday our book tour takes us to Lafayette Bookstore at 3569 Mount Diablo Boulevard in central Lafayette. We will be doing a talk and signing books from 3 to 5 pm.

Again, this is a great neighborhood bookstore run by Dave Simpson who is very active in the community. Come out and stimulate your mind by buying a book and stimulate the economy at the same time.

Speaking of economic stimulus, talk show host Ronn Owens had a great idea when I was on his show this week. Ronn thinks the federal government should issue debit cards, instead of checks, when it doles out economic stimulus payments. Last year, many people took their $600 checks and put them in their savings accounts. That does not stimulate the economy. The government wants people to buy things and spend the money right away. A debit card with an expiration date, as Ronn proposed, would force people to spend the money soon.

Do you like or dislike the debit card idea? Post your thoughts and comments below!

And remember, if you can't make a bookstore event, just click on the blue book button on the right side of this screen to buy my new book, "Age of Obama: A Reporter's Journey with Clinton, McCain and Obama in the Making of the President 2008."

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