"Bill Richardson Will Be Back!"

(San Francisco, CA)

"Richardson Out; Likely to Return!"

Someday you might say "you heard it here first!"

Gov. Bill Richardson, (D-NM) dropped out of the Presidential Primary sweepstakes today, but his name is not likely to fade from the headlines.

Richardson remains a prime Vice-Presidential running mate.

Here's why: Back in 1980, a guy named George H.W. Bush was placed on the GOP ticket with Ronald Reagan, largely because Bush had the "longest resume' in Washington, DC." It helped balance out any perceived shortcomings Reagan had on foreign policy. Bush was a Congressman, CIA Director, UN Ambassador and GOP Party Chairman.

Richardson, holds similar assets, having served in Congress, as UN Ambassador, as Energy Secretary and as an "ad-hoc" diplomat, as well as Governor. Plus he is from the "swing state" of New Mexico, which Gore won in 2000, but Bush '43' took back in 2004. New Mexico is was I call a "BLED" state...part Blue, Part Red...a toss-up! It's in play this year! Plus, Richardson is also Latino...appealing to a key voting block.

As for the other news of the day, John Kerry endorsing Barack Obama? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz! Endorsements mean little; they rarely have. Why didn't he do it before New Hampshire, a neighboring state to Massachusetts?

It's not a big deal. Big headline; little consequence>

"Weird Scenes from Inside the Campaign Trail!"


There are always oddballs on the campaign, from the "Hillary Haters" to The "Global Warming Snowman" to "Flip" Romney dressed in a dolphin costume!

With apologies to the Doors song of a similar name, here are some "Weird Scenes from Inside the Campaign Trail!"


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