It's "Deja Shu" All Over Again!

Ford Feet on Desk.jpg

(Danville, California)

"Deja Vu" is the French term people use when they have that strange feeling, "Haven't I seen this somewhere before?"

That was my reaction when I saw the uproar over the photo of President Obama with his feet on the desk in the Oval Office. I swore I had seen other Presidents strike a similar pose.

Sure enough, an internet search turned up President George W. Bush doing the same thing; and, of course, here's President Ford in the photo I posted.

I don't know whether anyone from the Middle East took offense on these prior occasions; but as Yogi Berra might paraphrase, "It's 'Deja Shu' all over again!" (Pardon my bad puns, please!)

By the way, the chair in which Ford is sitting was President John Kennedy's ergonomic chair, which he used because of his horrible back problems. Ford had bad knee injuries, so perhaps that explains his use of the chair and his leg on the desk!

I think I saw a photo of LBJ or Nixon with feet up, so I'll keep looking. Don't you just love Presidential trivia?

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At least in the Ford photo, he's not showing full frontal sole, just a teasing side view!

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