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It's Not Too Late...Sign Up For Professional BusinessWomen of California Convention

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(Danville, California)

This is going to be the busiest week yet for me on the book tour! Wednesday May 6 I will be at the Professional BusinessWomen of California convention at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

I will be speaking on the luncheon panel regarding women in politics. Joining me will be Rep. Jackie Speier (D-San Mateo) and Ann Lewis, former White House Communications Director. Also giving an address to the audience will be Meg Whitman, former CEO at EBay and now a Republican candidate for California Governor.

You can still sign up! Go to: www.PBWC.org. Mention that you saw me promoting the convention on "Comcast Newsmakers" an you will get a $20 discount!

The Professional BusinessWomen of California is celebrating its 20th annual convention. What started as a kitchen table discussion at Jackie Speier's house among politicos, has turned to one of the largest events of its kind in America. Last year over 6,000 women joined us for a full day of seminars, speakers and networking.

By the way, this is not just about politics. Women from every field are invited, from business, to education, to law and medicine, to science, and yes politics at every level!

It's not too late to register. Just go to www.PBWC.org.

We'll see you Wednesday in San Francisco!

Wacky Government Tales

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(Danville, California)

I am always amazed at some of the wacky things I see produced from the world of politics and government.

One of my favorites was on Easter Sunday, when I was in my favorite little beach town of Capitola, California. Cars are allowed on the Capitola Wharf, but the sign says the speed limit is a mere 3 MPH. With pedestrians on the pier, a low speed limit is a good idea for safety, but can any speedometer register that speed? And will the police write you a ticket if you are clocked at 5 MPH? Just curious!

The San Ramon Valley School District, in which I live, is pushing a new bond measure to help fund local schools (a good idea), as the old bond measure has expired. I received a flyer a few weeks back from an outside group asking voters to support the measure “when you vote in April.” I was puzzled that there was no exact date. It turns out that it’s strictly a mail-in by April 30 election, or drop-off in person on May 5. Why did the advocates pay for a full-color mailer, without telling us the specifics? Those mailers are very expensive. I eventually figured the thing out, thanks to the Internet; and I voted. But I wonder how many people just tossed that flyer out in frustration because it was so lacking in specifics.

My favorite example of bureaucratic silliness occurred at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, when I was traveling the country on my book tour. I went through the whole frustrating exercise of removing my shoes and suit jacket, opening up my computer and making sure I had only three-ounce bottles of liquid in my one-quart bag. (Once I used a half-gallon bag, and it was confiscated.) When I finally got through the metal detector, the TSA security officer looked at me and said, “Sir, do you realize you’re wearing two different colored socks?”

I was stunned! They noticed my mismatched socks, but the terrorists with box cutters went sailing through on September 11. I hope the TSA folks are as alert to potentially dangerous items as they were to my socks!

I have a very busy week on the book tour:

Wednesday May 6:

I shall be speaking at the 20th Annual Convention of the Professional Business Women of California at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Plenty of tickets are still available at www.PBWC.org. Mention you saw the event promoted by Mark Curtis on Comcast, and you’ll get a $20.00 discount.

This is a great event for women in any field, including business, politics, education, etc. There were 6,000 attendees last year and a wide variety of seminars. I will be on a panel discussion at lunch talking about women in politics with Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA) and former White House Communications Director Ann Lewis. Meg Whitman, former E-Bay CEO and Republican candidate for California Governor, will also speak.

Thursday May 7:

I'll be discussing my book, “Age of Obama: A Reporter’s Journey with Clinton, McCain and Obama in the Making of the President 2008” (Nimble Books, LLC), as part of the Contra Costa County Library “Reading Festival.” www.ccclib.org. I will be at the Orinda Library, holding a lecture and book signing at 7 p.m. Thursday night.

Please come to either event and say, “Hello!”

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