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Mike Ditka for Illinois Governor!


(Danville, California)

Dear Readers:

I am in the midst of a huge writing session to get my campaign book published. Details soon, I promise! So, I will be publishing some briefer blogs and sharing some great material. If news breaks, I'll be here.

My favorite recent article comes from the "Chicago Tribune" suggesting former Bears Coach Mike Ditka, as the next Governor of Illinois, once they dump Rod Blagojevich. Read on and enjoy!

Da Coach Mike Ditka for Illinois governor?
Suburban man launches bid to draft Ditka

By Stacy St. Clair | Tribune reporter
December 23, 2008

Embarrassed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich's fumbling performance, a Burr Ridge man has begun an Internet campaign aimed at yanking the governor from office and replacing him with former Bears coach Mike Ditka.

And, no, the aforementioned man's name is not Bill Swerski. But he's most definitely a superfan.

Shaun Radecki, 27, launched www.dagovernor.com to persuade Iron Mike to lead Illinois. The site, which sells T-shirts, mugs and various tchotchkes urging Ditka to run, lays out its platform in language that only a Bears fan can appreciate.

"We da people of Illinois are sick and tired of scumbag politicians who think dat it's their job to lie, cheat and steal," it reads. "We deserve somebody in charge who we can trust. Somebody who we can depend on. Somebody who we know understands the difference between right and wrong and won't be afraid to kick corruption in the [bleep] harder than da '85 Bears beat down da Patriots in da Super Bowl!"

Add One More Democrat to California Governor's Race


(Danville, California)

Something weird happened during my edit to yesterday's blog. My entry about Democrat John Garamendi being a candidate for Governor of California, "vanished." (That's a photo of me and John on the Ronn Owens KGO-AM 810 radio show from the DNC in Denver).

Garamendi currently serves as Lt. Governor. He's a long time politician who has twice been elected California Insurance Commissioner. He also served in the California Assembly and Senate and was Deputy Secretary of the Interior, under President Clinton. Garamendi, who is 63, is an obvious threat having won statewide office so many times.

My blog about Republican challengers for Governor will be posted soon. Please come back to www.MarkCurtisMedia.com.

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