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Book Tour Takes Me to Sacramento


(Sacramento, California)

The only thing harder than writing a book, is promoting a book! Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining. It's GREAT to have a book out.

This morning I was up at 3am with my daughter (and political/media intern), Allie. We were off to KTXL-Fox 40 in Sacramento to promote the book and talk politics.

"Age of Obama: A Reporter's Journey with Clinton, McCain and Obama in the Making of the President 2008" is generating a lot of buzz. Sunday I was on KRON-4 News in the morning. Today it was the Fox 40 Morning News at 6:30 in the state capital.

From there it's a luncheon speech at the Danville Rotary Club! On and on we go!

This morning's interview was fun. I got to speak with Fox-40 anchorwoman Natalie Bomke. It was fun because we have both spent time in Springfield, Illinois. Her dad is State Sen. Larry Bomke, (R) Springfield. Today the Illinois State Senate takes up the Impeachment of Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Politics is as exciting as ever. Stop back later at www.Mark CurtisMedia.com.

Mark Curtis Appears on KRON-4 News

Mark on KRON 4.JPG

(San Francisco, CA)

What a treat to be on KRON-4 News this morning in San Francisco with Marty Gonzalez and Ysabel Duran, two Bay Area broadcasting legends!

We chatted up the campaign and the Inaugural events, as well as my new book, "Age of Obama: A Reporter's Journey with Clinton, McCain and Obama in the Making of the President 2008."

I also spent time in the "green room" talking with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown who wrote one of the endorsements on my book cover.

The book is "climbing the charts" at www.Amazon.com. Click on the button on the right of this screen, if you would like more information or to buy the book!

Monday morning I will be on KTXL-Fox 40 News in Sacramento, at about 6:30ish.

Keep checking back at www.MarkCurtisMedia.com and tell your friends!

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