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"Unity for Service" - A Great Exchange Club Motto

Exchange Club.JPG

(Danville, California)

The "Age of Obama: A Reporter's Journey..." book tour brought me back to my home of Danville, California, today. I have been all over the country since Inauguration Day promoting my book. What a ride!

Today I was at the Exchange Club of the San Ramon Valley, at the invitation of Danville Town Council Member and neighbor Karen Stepper.

I love the group's motto, "Unity for Service!" This is a bipartisan group with lots of my friends--both Republican and Democrat--in the crowd. It was nice to sit next to Democratic Congressman Jerry McNerney's aide Vince Rocha and to see my old Washington, D.C., friend, former Republican Congressman Bill Baker, in the crowd. These are good people, trying to do good things in our community. The local Exchange Club recently awarded college scholarships to worthy high school students, and there was promotion of the latest Blue Star Moms' drive to help our troops. People helping people! If you want to help, check out www.BlueStarMoms.org.

The book tour continues Thursday with a luncheon speech and book signing at the Oakland Rotary (third oldest Rotary Club in the U.S.).

As always, ten percent of the profits from my book, will be donated to local charities, including the Rotary and Exchange Clubs.

Great Night on KGO Radio Discussing "Time" Cover Story on GOP as "Endangered Species"

Time Cover.JPG

(San Francisco, California)

Host Brian Copeland and I had a spirited debate with callers tonight on KGO Radio 810-AM about whether the Republican Party is an "Endangered Species."

The impetus was a "Time" magazine cover from this week, with that same title. (Photo above, courtesy Time, Inc.)

The Republican Party is NOT dead, so quit chiseling the tombstone, was my synopsis. Find out why I said that by listening to the KGO archives online!

You can listen to the entire hour show live by clicking on: http://kgoradio.com/Article.asp?id=49920 and then clicking on Tuesday, 10 to 11pm.

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