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Mark Curtis and Ross McGowan Preview Day 2 of the RNC in St. Paul

(St. Paul, Minnestota)

The Hurricanes are gone (for now) so the Republicans finally get to launch their convention in earnest!

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The Independent Voter

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(St. Paul, Minnesota)

One of the big, unspoken forces in this year’s election is the independent voter. In some states, voters who declare themselves as independents, non-partisans or as we call it in California, “Declined-to-state,” are becoming the majority. While many polls in this year’s election show an even split between McCain and Obama, the independents could determine the outcome.

A case in point is Danny Curtin of California. I met him after Sen. Joe Lieberman spoke Tuesday at the RNC in St. Paul. Curtin did not say which party preference he was, as he is involved in labor issues and organizations in the state. But he told me, “I went to both conventions.” He is clearly weighing what both parties have to offer, but when I asked him for whom he was voting he said, “I’ve decided to keep that to myself.”

I raise the issue, because I think there are a lot of fair minded people like Curtin out there. They want to look at both sides, and see who offers what. A big part of this is how much the candidates are trying to appeal to the independent or undecided voter out there. Last night President Bush, Fred Thompson and Joe Liebermann all talked about what a maverick John McCain was (and Sarah Palin, too!)

“The Washington bureaucrats and power brokers will not be able to build a pen to hold in these two mavericks,” Lieberman said. And specifically about Palin, Lieberman said, “Governor Palin is like John McCain. She is a reformer. She’s taken on the political power brokers in Alaska.”

And she has, even going after top leaders of her own party including her primary victory over Republican Governor Frank Murkowski.

Sen. Lieberman, one of only two Independents in the U.S. Senate, then did something odd. He praised John McCain in the same breath as Bill Clinton. His point was that the former President reached across the aisle to Republicans in 1995 and 1996, and got a lot of bills such as welfare reform, signed into law. The Democratic President and Republican Congress also forged a balanced budget back then, Lieberman said.

“We don’t need more party unity,” Lieberman said, “We need more national unity!”

Labor leader Curtin, who attended both conventions, was impressed, and said voters should look beyond the party label. “People going to the polls should be taking a look at what their policies are.”

That’s likely what a lot of independents are doing this year. On primary day, in many states this year, the undecided vote was 10 to 15 percent, with many voters finally deciding their candidate preference in the last couple days.

These wavering voters could make for a very dramatic finish in November!

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