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Greetings from the Convention Floor in Denver

Monday night was wild on the Convention floor in Denver, with rousing speeches by Sen. Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama.

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Hillary Clinton Needs to Hit a Grand Slam Tonight

Denver Gavin Newsom.JPG

(Denver, Colorado)

She got eighteen million votes, and close to two thousand delegates, but Sen. Hillary Clinton fell just short of her party's nomination. A lot of her supporters feel she was robbed, and some are threatening to stay home, while others are vowing to vote for Republican Sen. John McCain.

So, tonight is a crucial night for the Democratic ticket, as Hillary Clinton addresses the convention and a national TV audience. Unless her support for Barack Obama is unequivocal and passionate, the Democrats may be in trouble.

I spoke with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Monday night, after day one of the convention was over. Newsom, was a Hillary supporter and a long-time ally of Bill Clinton. He shared his thoughts on what she needs to say tonight.

"What she says matters greatly," said Newsom, "A lot of words were exchanged, and it stung."

But the Mayor believes it's time to heal the party after a raucous primary season. "Everybody needs to remind people what is at stake if we are not unified. If she can point out and remind people what is at stake, she will have the greatest effect," Newsom said.

The healing will take time according to Mayor Newsom. "Let's not expect miracles," said Newsom, "This won't happen overnight."

Perhaps tonight will be a start in that healing process. Bill Clinton addresses the convention Wednesday night, and needs a message as strong and as unambiguous as Hillary's.

Whether that can truly happen remains to be seen. Clinton surrogate Lanny Davis was harshly critical of the Obama campaign this week in the press, saying Hillary was never truly vetted for Vice-president.

If that kind of sniping continues, there could be trouble for Obama in November. A new CNN poll has Obama and McCain deadlocked at 47% each. But 27% of Clinton supporters say they will either vote for McCain, or not vote at all. Hillary needs to bring many of them back into the fold tonight, or it's over.

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