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Iowa Caucus TV Report 1

Iowa Caucus TV Report 1

Iowa Day # 4, "De-Parting Shots from Iowa!"


I feel like the last person in Iowa. All the candidates are gone, and most of the media is on its way to New Hampshire. I follow on Saturday.

Here are some departing thoughts.

-Iowa is 95% white, yet voted strongly (38%) in favor of a Black male.

-Women vote in greater numbers than men, and many thought that favored Hillary Clinton. Instead, Barack Obama won the female vote.

-So Obama, transcends racial and gender steroetypes. What's the appeal? Perhaps its a positive message of unity and hope. Perhaps, he can still claim to be a Washington, DC "outsider" with only two years in the Senate. Ands perhaps his "middle class, midwest roots" played well here in the midwest. We'll see what Hew Hamshirites say!

-This is NOT over, on either side. If McCain and Clinton win in New Hampshire, then Thompson and Edwards win in South Carolina, we may have a 3-way free-for-all in both parties, heading for the national "showdown" on Super Tuesday, February 5th, which includes California.

-Are you voting absentee in California? The ballots are being mailed today. Will you be swayed by the first results in Iowa and New Hampshire? California voting officials estimate 30% of state voters will vote early, by absentee. Wow!

-Will Huckabee get an "Iowa Bounce?" Last I saw he had 5% of the New Hampshire GOP vote, running 5th among the GOP field. Let's see if he gains momentum and traction, over the next 4 days.

-McCain won New Hampshire in 2000, aboard a bus called "the Straight Talk Express!" Can he repeat? He has surged 10 points in the polls!

-1992 Bill Cinton dubbed himself "the comeback kid" after a weak start in Iowa, and a strong 2nd in the "Granite State." Can he help Hillary do the same?
Tune in Tuesday and find out!

I will be on KGO-AM 810 Radio with Ronn Owens next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from New Hampshire at 9:05. Watch for me 'live' with Ross McGowan, on "Mornings on Two" Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:40, as we assess the winners and losers.

See you from New Hampshire!


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