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Protesters on the Ground; Tornadoes in the Air

Denver Protest.JPG

(Parker, Colorado)

Well I just saw my first tornado! An ugly menace south of Parker, Colorado. It looks like no one was hurt and there is little damage reported so far. But it was scary! I was driving in my car down the highway. Sadly, my video camera and still camera were not in my car.

Hopefully, the tornado will not be a metaphor for what's to come this week in Denver. It was pretty volatile in downtown Denver this afternoon. Hundreds gathered to protest all kinds of things, from global warming to corporate globalization. Hundreds of police were on hand to manage what appeared to be a well organized, vocal, but otherwise non-violent protest. So far anyway!

I'll be on KTVU-TV2 at 7:45 Pacific time each morning this week, to preview the convention events. Check in often at www.MarkCurtisMedia.com.

OUCH!!!! Candidate's Own Words Can Backfire

(Denver, Colorado)

Okay I am in Denver. This city is buzzing with excitement. It's beautiful, sunny and 91 degrees.

In the weird quirk of the day, Sen. John McCain is now running an ad criticizing Sen. Barack Obama, for not picking Sen. Hillary Clinton as his running mate, even though she got 18 million primary votes.

Has something like this ever happened before, where the attack ad focuses NOT on the candidate selected, but on the one who was passed over? Weird!

Anyway, I've posted the ad McCain launched Saturday, where Joe Biden was highly critical of Obama in the debates, saying the young Illinois Senator was not ready to be President! Biden then goes on to praise McCain. OUCH!

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