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Republican Congressional Candidate Dean Andal Debates Energy Policy

Republican Dean Andal responds to Congressman Jerry McNerney (D-CA;11), regarding national energy policy. Andal is a former member of the California Assembly and the Board of Equalization.

"Michigan Heats up for the GOP!"

Next stop on the campaign trail will be Michigan tomorrow, Tuesday, January 15th. A composite of seven key polls, shows its a tight race!

A Strategic Vision Poll has it McCain 29%; Romney 20%; Huckabee 18%; Undecided 9%.

American Research Group has McCain 34%; Romney 27%; Huckabee 15%; Undecided 6%.

Real Clear Politics has a composite of 7 different polls showing it is much, much closer:

Romney 27.0%; McCain 26.3% Huckabee 15.9%. Undecided are NOT listed and that is crucial.

If the news media learned one lesson from the New Hampshire polling, its that you must report the number of undecideds! Exit polling showed almost 20% of New Hampshire Democrats went to the polling place undecided!

Than number, in large part, helps to explain Hillary Clinton's huge comeback win, and why the pre-polling was so off!

I will travel to Nevada later this week for the GOP and Democratic Caucuses! Hopefully I will be checking in with Ronn Owens, on AM-810 KGO Radio from time to time!

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